June 24, July 22, August 12


Join us at Tim’s for this fun summer league. There will be prizes and divisions for all! This is a great way to improve your shooting with a little competition. You don’t have to win a division to win prizes! We will be giving way grand prizes for each division as well as prizes in the shooter’s raffle.

The Rules

This competition will be shot with pistols, maximum barrel length of 6”. There will be four divisions, limited, unlimited, rimfire and revolver.

Limited – No optics, no compensators, no rimfire, all other modifications allowed

Unlimited – No rimfire, all modifications allowed

Rimfire – all rimfire cartridges allowed, all modifications allowed

Revolver- Will only shoot 5 rounds instead of 10, no rimfire

Shooters will fire 10 rounds or 5 rounds for revolvers per stage over 5 stages ranging from 12’-75’. Shooters will have 15 seconds to complete each stage. Magazines may be loaded to a maximum of 10 rounds. The entry fee is $25.00 per pistol, there is no limit on how many guns a competitor can shoot in this competition, however, the same gun may not be shot twice. Shooters must compete in two of the three matches to win prizes. The lowest score of the three matches will be dropped. Shooters will receive one raffle entry per gun that they shoot for the shooter’s raffle.

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