Concealed Carry

Learn the must know basics before you start carrying. This class will involve lecture, dry and live fire. We will go over a wide variety of topics pertaining to carrying and potential use of a firearm for personal protection.

Some of the topics include:

Building a home protection plan
Situational awareness
Conflict avoidance
Instinctive shooting
Quick sight acquisition
The legal use of force
Violent encounters and the aftermath
Choosing the right firearm for concealed carry
Holster and gear options

This class will also utilize a variety of shooting drills to improve the student’s ability to defend themselves. This class will involve some dry practice drills in the classroom and then several hours of live fire. A series of shooting drills will be performed that are designed to help the shooter improve speed and accuracy. As each drill is preformed the instructor will watch and give helpful tips to the shooter to improve their performance.

What to bring:

Magazine pouch
200 rounds of ammunition
Eye and ear protection

You will be breaking for lunch.  You can bring lunch or go out.

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