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What our customers are saying about Tim's!

Nathan B.

I love going to Tim’s to shoot. They have the best ventilation and lighting around. My only complaint is that they don’t allow rapid fire. They don’t allow drawing from a holster either, but that I find a bit more understandable. The shop is small, but nice. Good selection, solid pricing. They have low prices on some items and above average on others, but overall, no complaints.

Chris C.

Great place to safely shoot. I have taken my wife and on another occasion my kids here. Always professional and helpful. Yes you do have to watch a 15 min video the first time and are issued a card. If you keep your card you do not have to watch the video again. The reviews stating you have to watch the video every time are incorrect. Just don’t lose your card. They check your ammo before entering range. Do not “frisk” your bag. Knowledgable and helpful staff and a great place to purchase firearms. Prices are very reasonable! Cheaper than big box stores.


The staff is really friendly, the old man in the range (as they call him the range officer) is very nice and educational, he’s willing to teach you how to shoot the gun from A to Z. The people in the front are nice too, it’s nice to see the owner helping customers and taking care of them with the other employees.

Always Satisfied Customers!