Take Part in Our Firearms Training Courses

Here at Tim’s Shooting Academy, we take our mission of Safety and Education very seriously. As such, we are dedicated to teaching the safe use of firearms. We believe if you own a gun, you owe it to yourself, your family, & your community to store, carry & use that gun safely & legally. We offer classes and personalized instruction for beginning to advanced shooters. This includes a Ladies Only Beginning Pistol Class where women can get introduced to firearms in a safe, supportive environment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and highly trained, certified instructors will be available to support your shooting needs.

DISCLAIMER: We require a minimum of four people per class. Registration must be completed within 48 hours of the class.

These classes are catered to your specification. We are able to assist in any needs you have during these classes.

1 Person -$65/Hour

2 Person - $100/Hour

3 Person - $150/1.5 Hours

4 Person - $200/2 Hours

Large Group Private Lessons Available Upon Request

Courses Offered

Private Instruction (Please Call to Schedule)–
1 Person - $65/Hour
2 Person - $100/Hour
3 Person - $150/1.5 Hours
4 Person - $200/2 Hours
Larger Group Private Lessons Available Upon Request

Basic Pistol Course – Price: $75. Duration: 4 Hours.

Intermediate Pistol - Price: $100.00. Duration: 4 Hours.

Advanced Pistol Course– Price $150. Duration: 5 Hours.

Concealed Carry – Price: $175. Duration: 8 Hours.

Intro to Red Dot Pistol - Price: $150. Duration: 3 Hours

ECQC - Price: $200. Duration: 6 Hours.

Long Range (2 Day Class) - Price: $250. Duration: Day 1 - 3 Hours, Day 2 - 5 Hours

Gun Cleaning Basics – $65/hour private sessions.