When we set out to build Tim’s Shooting Academy, a tour of area indoor shooting ranges revealed that existing facilities often failed to meet the high standards of their customers. In several cases, facilities had serious health and safety shortcomings. Over months of research, Tim and his professional associates discovered that U.S. Navy has developed the most stringent set of standards and specifications in the world for shooting ranges. With the help of experts, they set out to design and build the only range facility in the area that conforms to these standards, making Tim’s truly a world-class facility.

Tim’s Shooting Academy Memberships are the perfect way to maximize your range time!

Individual Weekday Membership $250.00 (Monday Through Friday, 10AM – 4PM ONLY)

Full Individual Membership $400.00
Monthly Full Individual Membership $39.99 a month (12month free)

Full Family Membership $550.00
Monthly Full Family Membership $59.99 a month (12month free)

Family Memberships must be immediate family, spouse and children only, under 21 and living at the same address.

Full Memberships receive 4 Free Range Passes.

Members have up to 2 hours range time anytime we are open.  When a waitlist is in effect, members will be asked to exit the range after 2 hours and placed at the top of the waitlist.

Members can make lane reservations.  Range time must be reserved at least two hours in advance.  When a waitlist is in effect, members will be placed at the top of the waitlist.

Members have free use of all Tim’s Shooting Academy rental firearms, excluding the machine gun.  Ammunition for use must be purchased separately.

Transfer services for members are discounted to $35 for each transfer.

Hours of operation:

Tuesday – Friday: 10 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

Range Rates:

Pistols: $15.00 for 30 minutes, $20.00 for 1 hour.
Rifles: $17.00 for 30 Minutes, $22.00 for 1 hour.
Additional Shooter: $8.00(max 3 people per lane).

Rental Fees:

Pistols: $10 for first firearm, $5 for additional 
Rifles: $20 for first firearm, $5 for additional
NFA Firearms: $20 for first firearm, $5 for additional
NFA Full Auto UZI: $50, includes 100 rounds of 9mm (available during select weekends)
*All fees do not include the cost of ammunition unless specified*

Transfer Fees:

Tim’s Shooting Academy does offer FFL to FFL transfers. For FFL information please call the shop at 317-399-7918.

FFL requests can be sent to Contactus@timsshootingacademy.com

Standard Firearm: $50 per firearm
NFA Items: $100 per item

Range Ammo Policy
For the safety and protection of all our customers and staff members, as well as for protection of our property and targetry, Tim’s Shooting Academy Staff reserves the right to check all firearms and ammunition for compliance before shooter enters the range.

Tim’s Shooting Academy allows the use of the following bullet types:

Total Metal Jacket (TMJ), Total Copper Jacket (TCJ), lead free (XPB), frangible, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), full copper Jacket (FCJ) and copper plated.

For .22 LR and .45 Long Colt, Tim’s allows the use of unjacketed lead bullets. Unjacketed lead bullets are not permitted in any other calibers without the approval or range management.

Specific Restrictions:
No round can exceed 3600 ft/second
No .50 caliber BMG
No armor piercing/penetrating rounds
No tracer, steel core, explosive or incendiary rounds

Anyone caught using armor-piercing, incendiary or tracer type ammunition will be permanently banned from the range.

Black powder firearms and muzzle loaders are not permitted. The use of black powder or black powder substitutes will result in permanent banning from the range.

All Rifle magazines with ammo in them will be inspected.

Ammunition to be used in rental guns must be purchased from Tim’s Shooting Academy.

We appreciate your cooperation with this ammunition policy. We strive to maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment for our customers and staff members.

Range Hangar Policy
Firing a shot on the range that results in the bullet striking anything other than the target and/or traps, creating any damage, may result in a damage or repair fine and/or removal from the range. Anyone found purposefully shooting and damaging the target hangars will be charged $100.


SHOOTING LANES – 15 lanes total: 5, 75-foot lanes for rifles, and 10, 50-foot lanes for pistols.  The interior is divided into three bays of 5, with a concrete wall separating each bay.  Interior height of the walls is 10′ 2″.

BUILDING DESIGN – 10″ thick concrete walls enclose all firing lanes, acting as a noise suppression and bullet containment system.  The building itself is built on a 4″ slab and is situated in a zoned industrial area with no schools or residential areas nearby.  Tim’s worked closely with the City of Westfield to secure all necessary permits based on the intended use of the facility.

BULLET CONTAINMENT SYSTEM – All lanes have thick steel bullet traps installed which are rated for .50 caliber bullets (however, range rules stipulate use of common sporting rounds). These state-of-the-art traps have removal systems which will allow the lead to be easily recycled.Baffles and panels have been suspended from the ceiling to prevent any errant discharges from going through the roof.

Bulletproof double-doors separate the range from the rest of the retail and classroom space.

NOISE SUPPRESSION – The building itself, containment systems as well as the HVAC system have been designed to reduce noise issues outside the building.

VENTILATION SYSTEM – HVAC is a major part of the design of this indoor range. Our system has been designed by experts to meet all of the requirements for cleaning the air.

The installed HVAC system puts the health and safety of our employees and customers first and foremost.

TARGET RETRIEVAL SYSTEM – Automatic electronic target retrieval system on all lanes with central controls by the Range Safety Officer.

ACCESSIBILITY – One rifle lane and one handgun lane will be ADA-accessible.  Two designated handicapped parking spaces.

SHOOTING STALL DIVIDERS – Shooting Stall dividers are level 3 grade protection in the pistol lanes and level 4 grade protection in the rifle lanes.